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Since there’s a BIG difference in what hospitals around the globe provide during childbirth I want to learn what you are dealing with.
Bonus: for culture related stuff

Please reblog or reply this post with
1) in what country you’ll give birth and
2) what do you bring with you in your hospital bag (and maybe what did you wish you brought)

If you give/ have given birth somewhere not hospital related, please elaborate and also: what did you use/bring/wish you had brought

I gave birth in a hospital in norway.

They give you diapers, blankets, and onesies for the babies, so unless you want to dress them in their own clothes you don’t need to bring them anything but their going home outfit. The clothes they provide aren’t pretty, but I prefered using them most of the time.

They gave me a hospital shirt for labor and to wear while I was there. I found it handy to wear over a tank top. They also supplied me with hospital panties, giant diapers or pads – whatever I needed for the bleeding while in the hospital. I brought sweatpants, pajamas, a nursing bra, underwear, socks and crocs type shoes to wear while I was there. Any medication/painkiller for the after pain was also given to me, as well as food and drink. I did get my husband to pick me up some snacks and a snapple though.

They only had a nursing pillow in the designated pumping/nursing room, and since I’ve used one with both kids I think I’ll bring one for a possible baby #3.

I also brought my phone, laptop, camera and chargers, a book, a notebook and writing supplies, chapstick and moisturizer for hands (in addition to regular soap/shampoo, hospital air is dry). With my first I was there for 4 days, but my second stay was only 2 days, but you can’t know how long you’ll be staying really..

..oh, and I didn’t finish packing until I was in labor both times. Lol.

@pregblrmumblr ah I’m so glad you posted this because I’ve spent the past few days trying to google all of this info 🙈 online it says at my hospital (haukeland) if the birth doesn’t have any complications the length of stay is 8-24 hours long!

Glad to be of service! 😉

I stayed 4 days with Sophia because we had problems with the breastfeeding. I think breastfeeding friendly hospitals want to know you’re doing ok before you leave, especially with first time moms. There is also a test they do at 48 hours that you’ll have to come back for if you leave earlier. That’s how long I stayed with Ella, but we had to take her back several times because of her bilirubin levels anyway. I really hated being at the hospital though so I was trying to go home as soon as I could (and they kinda wanted me to stay longer).

Some hospitals have family rooms/family hotel, but then you have to pay. A regular room is usually shared with two mothers and their babies, and they don’t watch your baby for you unless you really need it or you ask specifically. Visiting hours for dads are kinda lame, even more so for others. They only want immediate family at my hospital, and only 2 hours a day.

I’m pretty sure they’ll let you take a tour if you want to! 🙂


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