All of this year’s kids birthday celebration is officially over.

Sophia had a party for her friends today, and we kept it pretty simple this year. We got to have it at her kindergarten free of charge, and she only invited six guests. Five showed up, but let me tell you six six and five-year-olds make enough noise.

It was unicorn themed. Well, kinda. I made a “put the horn on the unicorn” game, and Sophia had unicorn plates, cups and napkins. Other than that it was just kinda colorful. As always the cake was gluten free, so we had to keep that simple. A chocolate cake with pink buttercream. The kids got crayons and spent some time coloring. Then they ate hotdogs, then they ate cake, then she opened presents and served them ice cream in her little ice cream bar that I have no photos of because I was her assistant. We also had little treat bags and popcorn. I don’t think anyone left hungry. We listened to the Moana soundtrack  and at least one or two kids ran around laughing at all times. It was a nice night.

Sophia was really happy but totally exhausted at the end of the night. I’m glad she had a fun party with her friends.


Sophia’s sixth birthday is almost over. We’re about to start reading Matilda by Roald Dahl before she goes to bed, a birthday present from mormor and morfar, one of the several books our little bookworm got this year.

This year it’s all about Moana/Vaiana,and the birthday girl got dolls, a lego set, and a necklace that she’s been generous enough to share with her little sister. It’s hard being two, not understanding why every birthday isn’t your birthday, so having the world’s best big sister helps!

Happy birthday, my lovely girl. I hope today was wonderful. 💜💛❤️💚💙

It took forever to build the lego set, so I never got around to making her spice cake cupcakes, but since it’ll be an early morning and we’ll have cake later I’m sure she wont mind. I set up a little tray with a present, flowers and some cookies, so I’m sure she’ll be excited..

I made her a card using the cute girl collection from crate paper, and we both wrote some really cheesy stuff inside of it that’ll go over her head now, but that she’ll probably appreciate later. I think it seems like a nice tradition to start..

I posted a picture of Sophia on facebook with a caption about how it’s the last time I tuck her in while she’s a five-year-old, and my friend from school (who has a daughter who’s about two weeks younger) posted this video underneath and now I’m even more of a sappy mess!

All the presents have been wrapped, but I still need to build her lego set, which is something that seems to be turning into a tradition, even Ella had a duplo fort up for her birthday. She just told me she’s having a hard time sleeping because she’s so excited, remember how fun it was to be that excited about your birthday?

I was just telling Sophia that exactly six years ago I had a big belly and was in a lot of pain.

I spent 33 hours giving birth to her, lol.

But I can’t imagine how anyone could have made it more worth it, and I can’t wait to celebrate her sixth birthday with her tomorrow. ❤️